About Me

About Me

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Uma`s Kitchen .This is the place where you can find recipes for everyday cooking.

The first time I entered the kitchen was for my husband. The best way to enter a man`s heart is through his stomach. When I was in India my mom never allowed me to cook. So I just watched her cook and noted down the recipes. After I came to the US, I started cooking. It’s from trial and errors that I learned to cook. I wanted to impress my husband and that’s how I started cooking. The minute I thought about a dish, Google was there to help. Thanks to all the bloggers for their wonderful recipes that inspired me to cook. My husband was the one who suggested that I post my recipes online. So here I am, posting the recipes I know and the ones I have tried out. Cooking is easy and fun. But you have to love what you do. Recipes can be changes, ingredients added or subtracted to suit our taste buds. Have fun cooking!


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. anna says:

    hi uma, happy to see u finally displaying one of ur many talents i suppose.. by being a good cook…hope u do post many more recipes .. and look forward to hearing from u again…!

  2. anna says:

    do post a couple of pics of ur amazin oil paintings and the other crafty stuff tat ur into… im sure the bloggers wud b pleasantly surprised !

  3. sowpya says:

    brilliant idea of starting a blog ….mouth watering dishes ..keep posting recipes …good luck with your new venture..

  4. nalina says:

    hi Uma nice work ,freeda told me to check it out n it is absolutely great ,as u said ingredients can be separated or added but it is the taste that stands , but i am sure your recipes must be tasting very delicious .good luck and continue and keep ur kitchen going .

  5. Rekha says:

    Love love love your blog…continue it…feels just like home when i read around your food :)) So simple, yet yummy !
    Thnx baby !

  6. Sudha says:

    Hey thanks, your mullu murukku came out sexy looking and damn good tasty. Never in my life did anythin’ come out that good. Maybe I’m getting cooking vibes from your balcony across the sidewalk to mine. Good work and keep going!

  7. umamithun says:

    Thanks Sudha. It is nice when someone tries the dishes and writes comments. Am happy to see your comment.Glad that the murukku came out well. Happy Diwali.

  8. Pounraj says:

    Hey Uma, Just found ur blog accidentally online..
    Thrilled to see u active online by publishing receipes.. Hmm.. good luck… keep updating the blog regular basis.

    It wud be great if u can post specialties of indian dishes.. most of them oriented to diabetic, etc etc rite.. so that that might sound useful to all segments…

  9. Uma,

    Inspired by your blog…..actually i wanted a recipe for badhusa and thats how i ended up here. Very interesting and mouth watering recipes.

    Good Luck

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