Parotta 5

Here is the recipe for Tamil Nadu style layered parotta. I have tried this recipe many times and it always turns out great.I use them to make chilli parotta.I had some uncooked rolled out parotta`s, I placed them  between plastic wraps and froze the parottas.The recipe below makes 13 parottas.


  • All purpose flour/Maida – 3 cups
  • Salt – to taste
  • Sugar – same quantity as the salt
  • Water – as required
  • Oil- as required
  • Wet cloth


  • Place the flour in a big mixing bowl and make a well in the center.
  • Add sugar and salt to the well and mix them(equal quantity of salt and sugar).
  • Add little water to the well and mix the sugar and salt.
  • When the salt and sugar mixes, gradually fold in the flour into the well and keep mixing.
  • Add water little by little to the dough.
  • Try to make the dough into a ball.
  • The dough will start off sticky but will gradually smooth out as you kneed.
  • When the dough is smooth and stops sticking,place the dough on a well oiled kitchen counter and apply 1 tbsp of  oil on the entire dough(covering the dough ball).
  • Place a wet cloth over it and cover it with the mixing bowl .Let it sit for 1  hour.
  • Make lemon size balls of the dough and arrange them on your oiled kitchen counter.
  • Apply oil on the dough balls and cover them with a wet cloth.
  • Let the dough sit for 10 minutes.
  • Take one ball out while the others sit under the wet cloth and place it on an oiled surface.
  • Roll out flat with a rolling pin.

Parotta 1

  • The kitchen counter should be visible though the dough when rolled out.
  • Small holes might appear while rolling out the dough,just ignore it.
  • Apply oil on the rolled out dough.
  • Use one hand to lift out the dough from the working surface or lift the dough with both hands and make saree like pleats (similar to fan folding).
  • Use both your hands to hold the two corners of the dough and swing the dough back and forth to expand it.
  • Place  the dough on a well oiled work surface.Roll the dough like a coil.See image below.

Parotta 2

Parotta 3

  • Use a rolling pin and roll out the dough.
  • Check out the video below on making the parotta.

Parotta 4

  • Heat a griddle.Apply oil to it and place the rolled parotta on it and trickle some oil on the sides of the parotta.
  • Flip the parotta as it cooks and cook both the sides evenly.Its ready when you see brown spots appearing on both the sides.
  • Remove onto a plate.Place hands on the sides of the parotta and move your hands in a clapping motion( 5 or 6 times).
  • The layers of the parotta will be revealed.


  • Be generous with the oil while rolling the parotta.
  • Oil and ghee can be used while rolling the parotta.
  • Serve hot with vegetable kurma or salna.

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